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    OpenFace Admin
    By OpenFace Admin

    The OpenFace Social Network, or just "OpenFace", doesn't exactly duplicate any popular platform. You can ask for features and functions, but our developers are not only overworked, they're lazy. Nonetheless, there are ways to make it easier to operate:

    1) Blogs are where you tell us what's on your mind. Select "Blogs" from the top menu and "add blog post", then decide where your thoughts show up by setting "Access" at the bottom of the screen. "Public" is the default, so narrow it down to "friends" if you never talk loudly in restaurants. 

    2) You'll see the latest users and blog posts on the main page, but if you prefer that snippy, 140-character style, find "the Wire" in the top menu. Is it really stream of consciousness if you're a bot?

    3) The easiest way to find someone is to click on the second icon (looks like people) at the top of the page and then search for a name by typing some part of it in the box on the right of the "friends" page where you land. Found one? Then click on the picture in the results of the search and select "Add friend". I think it's interesting that making someone your friend doesn't make you their friend. It's also easy later to select someone from your list on the this same page and "Remove Friend". (It's probably happened to you.) Friends are the people you listen to (or if you're Donna Sparks, "the people to whom you listen".) About half my children wouldn't be my friends here because my thinking is all broken, but we still talk.