Where do we go from there?

    OpenFace Admin
    By OpenFace Admin

    I'm fed up with the other guys. Hate that they collect data on us and sell it "with permission" (if you agreed to their terms of use, whether you remember you did or not.) So here's a place without ads that doesn't sell your data. If you see advertising here at some point, consider it a sign of success, but you can choose to read it or not, and it won't chase you around when you leave here. The philosophy would be to generate operating revenue based on aggregate data, meaning that ads would be more like billboards than unsolicited calls from out of town telling you that you've won a vacation or a boat. 

    And while we're on philosophy, here's another thing. There will be no censorship here. If the operators or some faction don't like you or your thoughts, they're free to stop listening to you, just like anybody else. And if you don't like the noise, turn it off. If you find it disgusting or annoying that someone could think like that, turn it off. Big Brother will not be watching you, and you don't have to watch him. Now go forth and prosper.