Donald Trump is a buffoon, but he's our buffoon

Donald J. Trump, noun, a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown. Can somebody please make a compelling argument for Hillary or Jeb?

    • Craig Fentress
      Craig Fentress

      I cannot make a compelling argument for Hillary or Jeb. I do not know that I would if I could.

      • Tim Kendall
        Tim Kendall

        Well, the whole idea is to set up a straw-man here. I was repeating to the boss earlier that while I voted for Trump, I still think he's a goofball. I've said over and over that he wasn't my first choice, but he was my last choice when it came down to him and Hillary. It's not inconsistent for me to say what I said above and also that I'm happy with the results so far. He's kept some big promises and moved things in the right direction. He's my president. Now, let's see if they throw me off this group and the other one both.

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